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Automatic Bar Feeding System...
Automatic Bar Feeder

  The ACRO-FEED Automatic Bar Loading Systems are specifically   designed to automatically load and feed round bars to Multi-Spindle   Screw Machines. The Principal advantage of the ACRO-FEED Bar   Loading System is that it only needs replenishing occasionally to
  keep the screw machine provided with a continuous supply of stock,   eliminating the down time caused by manual loading.

  Safety circuits are provided to safeguard both the machine and the   operator and are interlocked with the safety switches on the screw   machine.

  No more hammering bar stock through feed fingers, manually opening   and closing the collets and stopping the machine to reload stock.   Your machine will run continuously turning stock-up time into   production time! Consider the additional advantages such as:

  •Feed rolls will outlast feed fingers by up to 10 times.
  •Long parts are fed to the stock stop in one continuous feed out.
  short parts eliminated, rolls hold stock firmly against stop until collet   is closed.
  •Floor space savings, magazine is loaded from the side.
  •Larger O.D. parts can be machined by eliminating the feed fingers   and feed tubes.
  •Quiet operation of the ACRO-FEED System reduces noise levels   produced by stock reels to acceptable OSHA levels or better with
  the use of liner bushings and tubes that minimize the clearance   around the rotating stock.
  •Basic simplicity in design and in operation.
  •Quickly and easily installed, usually in less than 8 hours.

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